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Richard Lloyd is the designated ARKS Club Examiner for the Hunts Kart Racing Club (Kimbolton)
ARKS tests must be booked in advance. Please call us (01933 679810) to arrange your test at either of these circuits on the Saturday of the club's race weekend. See our Events Calender for this year's dates.

Passing the ARKS test will enable you to take part in Motorsport UK kart races as a Novice.

This following information will help you understand how the ARKS test is carried out, and what preparations you need to make in order to be successful.

Arks test text 2Preparation For Your Test:

You must first buy a copy of the Motorsport UK Kart Training pack. You can not take your test without the forms which are contained in this pack. The Motorsport UK Kart Training pack is an official Motorsport UK publication and is available online at, or at
The pack contains everything you will need to know to take your test, as well useful information about starting karting. The pack includes:

- Licence Application Form
- DVD covering everything you need to know for the test
- Kart Race Yearbook - details the technical regulations for each class of kart
- Motorsport UK Competitors Yearbook - complete list of all Motorsport UK regulations
- Leaflet on Driving Techniques

Our advice is to watch the DVD repeatedly, and to concentrate on the sections in the Motorsport UK Competitors Yearbook covering Karting and Competitor regulations. It is especially important to ensure that you know the meaning of all flag signals.

Prior to arriving at the circuit you must ensure that your kart complies with the class rules, and meets the Motorsport UKsafety regulations. We are happy to answer any queries you may have in advance, and will inspect your kart and clothing with you on the morning of your test day.

The cost of the test is £98 inc.VAT, which is the figure laid down by the Association of Racing Kart Schools in agreement with Motorsport UK. This MUST be paid for either by cheque (made payable to ARKS) on the day, or in advance by visiting the arks web site ( ) and paying by Pal Pal .

We will give you instuctions on when to arrive at the circuit and how to find us prior to the day of your test.
What to Expect on Your Test Day:

On arrival at the circuit please come and introduce yourself to us at the Spellfame truck. We will show you where to park and where to sign on with the circuit.

The ARKS test consists of two parts:

1, Driving Examination
During the course of the day you will have 5 or 6 sessions on the circuit depending on weather conditions. We will observe your driving during the morning and give you feedback and advice on where improvements can be made. During one of the afternoon sessions your examiner will assess your driving abilities against the ARKS requirements. These include:

* Steering - correct hand position
* Racing Lines - smooth, precise, accurate
* Throttle - correct use of power in the right place
* Braking - at the right time, with the right amount of pressure in the correct place
* General driving competence - awareness of traffic, safety entering and exiting circuit

We set a target lap time, which you have to lap within 10% of the target. The target is a time suitable for an average kart racer taking into account the current weather conditions. At all times you will be assessed on your safe conduct on the track. Safety is more important than outright speed. We are assessing you on your ability to drive safely and race competently, not your ability to be the next champion.

2, Written Examination
The written test covers all aspects of Motorsport UK kart racing and takes the form of a multi-choice questionnaire. You will be shown the Motorsport UK DVD prior to taking the written test. The test is based on the Motorsport UK Yearbook and tests your knowledge of flags, safety procedures, race administration, and driving regulations. The Motorsport UK Yearbook and DVD are included in your MSA Kart Training pack.

Licence Application:

Once you have passed the test, your instructor will sign your licence application. You then send this form with the licence application fee and results of your medical examination (if applicable) to the Motorsport UK. The Motorsport UK will issue you with your National B Kart Racing Licence.

Passing the ARKS test will enable you to take part in Motorsport UK kart races as a Novice, you will also have one signature on your National B Kart Racing Licence. You will need to collect a further five signatures from Clerks of Course to move off of your Novice classification.

We are happy to advise you on how to further develop your driving and kart preparation skills.

If you have any questions, or wish to book your ARKS test, please call us on 01933 679810 during office hours. Alternatively you are welcome to visit us at any of the race meetings we are attending, see our Events Calendar for details.
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